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The Outreach video:

For the past few months I've been working on a project which finally launched this week. It is the biggest project I have ever worked on and by far the most complicated as well. Please welcome Elecciones08 to the world!

On this special page, Spanish citizens can upload their questions and politicians will answer. We managed to partner with RTVE, the Spanish public TV, which will broadcast some of these questions on TV in an interview series with the political parties' candidates. Also, the political parties committed to post videos to answer the questions on YouTube itself. You can see the intro video with Lorenzo Milá and Mara Torres here:

Not to forget, we also have some really cool politics gadgets for iGoogle in place, which one can find on http://www.google.es/elecciones08

So far, so good. To be honest, I was not super excited when I started this project, but after all the effort I am very happy to have worked on it. At times, I felt like in a real-life business case, tough decisions had to be made which made me go through a steep learning curve - the way I like it best.

Most importantly though, this is not just a marketing campaign. This project does not only give users the possibility to speak their mind, but also to reach a huge audience, through the internet as well as on TV. It has the potential to change the way the politics game is played in Spain and that's what I am really proud of.

Update: the blog post on the official YouTube blog.

Thanks to the relatively new services like Google Video or Youtube, I take the chance to finally publish the video I made after a legendary skitrip to Zell am See in winter 2004/2005. I would have enough material and ideas for some other videos, I just hope I will find the time and energy for realizing them soon.