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I think of myself as a very loyal fan of Twoday.net. Mr. Sierra's presentation at the WU sparked my interest in blogging a long time ago, I opened my blog over 1500 (!) days ago and in some way I like to think that all this influenced my career to a certain extent. After all, I ended up working in an internet company.

However, and this might be the first time that I criticize this platform, I don't understand that they have banned iframes from Twoday.net. There is so much cool stuff around that I would love to embedd on my blog and in my point of view it's a real pity that I can't use these functionalities. Unfortunately, it seems that this won't change in the near future: link

Some examples of embeddable iFrames:

Embedd Google Maps

Embedd Google Calendar

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It seems that most of the time when I write a blog post here I am announcing to blog more frequently again, because I haven't done so in Well, herewith I do it again! I started the new year with some plans which I'd really like to make happen. Here they are (not all of them, but some):

1.) Establish better Work Life balance
2.) Do more sports
3.) Take language course in Portuguese/French

Point Number 1 has directly to do with writing blogs. It should not mean that I will spend all my freetime in front of the internet, but that I do the things which I enjoyed doing before I started to work at Google more frequently again.

However, even if I achieve this goal, my freetime will be limited. One of my hobbies is cooking and I probably won't get to cook as much as before but therefore I get to go to restaurants more often. That's why I plan to write more posts on restaurants that I liked or really disliked - so expect some serious gourmet critiques here!

This weekend I spend mostly working on my computer, throwing old stuff out and updating essential software, but I also used the time to read my favorite blogs - something I have not done in a long time. It's good to see that most of them are still around and updated frequently. One thing though I am really proud of is that I converted my girlfriend into a real blogger. I know I am repeating myself here, but I really like her stories and her positivism and I would be an equally fascinated reader without knowing her, that I am sure of. You should not miss out on her blog in any case.

Interesting article in the International Herald Tribune about the French blog phenomenon.

Here is an interesting article about privacy in the web2.0 with all the Social Software around. It's also worth taking a look at the comments.

I personally also think that it is a bit scary how much information you can find about yourself in the internet, but I am also convinced that you can use this for your own good. I will specify this thought in a later post.

If you are a blogger and more importantly, passionate about reading blogs, some things occur that would not have happened otherwise. Some things are things are subtle and some of them more obvious.

For a start, if it weren't for blogs, I would not have known about Sierra's trip to Madrid and therefore would not have met up last night with him and some of the other guys from Knallgrau. It was a very pleasant evening and at this occasion I also found out about a restaurant I'll definitely come back to. It's called La Tragantúa, it's tiny, the food is very good and the service is outstanding by Madrid standards (a bit slow, but still outstanding). After all, it's a very recommendable restaurant, I think.

It is also because of reading blogs, that I discovered the band Ted Leo & The Pharmacists. I read about them ages ago and downloaded their CD "Shake the Sheets" on Itunes and loved it immediately. A bit later I bought their earlier album "Hearts of Oak" and was frankly a bit disappointed....then. In the meanwhile I find it great, even better than "Shake the Sheets", and just today I had to think "If it weren't for blogs, I maybe would never have heard of good old Ted Leo and his folks".

My passion for weblogs is also responsible for my latest project which is still in the works. However, I am pretty excited about it, so much that I practically do it for free. But i hope I will be paid in products then ;-)

Seit kurzer Zeit probiere ich nun einige RSS Reader wie z.B. Feedreader und Attensa for Outlook, aber keiner will mir noch so recht gefallen. Hat vielleicht irgendjemand einen Tip fuer mich? Genial waere ein Feedreader, der so aufgebaut ist wie Plaxo, d.h. man muss die Feeds nicht auf jedem Computer neu eingeben, sondern nur die Software installieren.

Wie erwaehnt, nehme ich seit kurzer Zeit auch das Service von del.icio.us in Anspruch.

Meine Bookmarks sind unter del.icio.us/mmadilezu finden