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I haven't cooked in a while but this week i was quite busy preparing all kinds of stuff. I tried this recipe (Eggplant with mediterranean filling) but it did not quite work out as I wished. Today I made my first Yellow Chicken Curry; quite tasty and not as difficult as i imagined. However, I'll have to prepare more sauce the next time.

The dish that turned out best, was my adaption of this recipe (which is an adaption of another recipe). The good thing about Arroz con Pollo is that there are no rules. Everything is allowed.

The recipe:
Arroz con pollo with Chorizo and Red Pepper


ca. 800 g of chicken breast
1 medium Chorizo (picante), cut in slices
1 medium onion, hoed
3 garlic cloves, pressed
1 big Red Pepper, cut in slices
Thyme, Caraway, at discretion
2-3 leafs of laurel
Pepper, Salt
2 cans of tomato (400 g)
1,5 dl beer
1 dl consomme
140 g long grain rice
some olive oil


First, I fried the slices of chorizo in a pan for some minutes. After that I pored away the fat and put the chorizo on a plate. Then, I cut the chicken into small pieces, salted and peppered them and fried them in some olive oil for a while. Before the chicken is well done, I put it aside (on a plate like the chorizo), because afterwards it will boil for a while in the sauce anyway.
For the sauce I sweat the onion and the garlic with some caraway for a while. I extinguished them with the beer and then I added the tomatoes, the chorizo, the red peppers, the laurel leafs, the thyme and the consomme. The sauce needs to cook for a while, say about 20 min, and before it has reduced itself too much you put in the chicken and leave it for another five minutes. At that point, the dish is practically ready but it might need some salt and pepper still. The dish is served with cooked rice and some fresh parsley if you have. Done!


Zorra meinte am 24. Mrz, 09:00:
Gut gemacht! Sieht lecker aus. Ich empfehle dir, den Reis mal in der Sauce mitzukochen und das Chorizofett zum Anbraten der Pouletteile zu verwenden, du wirst sehen, es wird perfekt! ;-) 
maximus meinte am 24. Mrz, 14:48:
Danke für den Tip, das werd ich das nächste Mal gleich ausprobieren!