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Hey everyone,

sure, it's pretty hot everywhere in Europe right now, but everytime I look on the weather map, Madrid shows up as the hottest city on the continent. It's really crazy hot here right now.

Yesterday I had the honour to try as one of the first people in Europe deliciously juicy chicken at the inauguration of the first Pollo Campero branch in Europe. I always have been a big fan of this Guatemalan fast food chain and I am really glad it came now to the city where I live. Especially, because in terms of home delivery Madrid is not a city with a lot of choice. Pizza and Chinese food, that's pretty much it. Here is one of the few articles (in Spanish) that report about the opening of the new store. I actually wonder whether there is a publicity strategy for the arrival from Pollo Campero in Europe because there is actually very few info to find on the net (not even on their website). It was really stunning for me that not even the people in the Call Center from Telepizza, the joint venture partner from Campero, knew about anything related to the topic.

Well, hopefully they have a lot of success anyways, I am sure it is good publicity for my beloved Guatemala.
rocio meinte am 10. Aug, 19:00:
Ahora es el momento
Yo sé que esto no tiene nada que ver con este post pero quería recordarte que en Madrid siempre estás re ocupado y no tenes tiempo para escribir, y ahora estás de vacaciones, en tu casa linda (qué envidia) y podrías aprovechar el tiempo y la inspiración del magnífico Wörtersee para escribir algo en tu WEBLOG. I miss u. 
ginko meinte am 14. Aug, 21:30:
Right now, right here it is rather freezing :-( So one might want to try chicken soup!